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Zanadu kittens at 8 weeks


We produce Birmans kittens in a variety of colors.  Lilacpoint is our specialty (and favorite color) but we do also have kittens in sealpoint, bluepoint, chocolatepoint and sometimes others.

Birmans, like all pointed kittens are born snow white and develop their point color as they mature.  Point color is actually a response to temperature.  The points darken in the coldest part of the kitten—the feet and legs, tail, ears and face.  Occasionally you might see a cat in the winter with dark spots on one side of its back in response to lying against a cold window. 

The lighter colors do take longer to fully develop, and because of this it is harder to judge the gloving and laces against the point color.  

We would all like every kitten produced to be a star in the show ring, but because of the many variables necessary in a show kitten this is not possible.  In studying the standard you discover that not only must the show prospect be “put together” well, it must also be “painted with care”.  For this reason, many Birman kittens may be placed in pet homes when their gloving is uneven, a white spot shows up in an area of color, or her ears are just a bit too big.  

 We pay extra care to ensure that health and temperament are first and foremost in a breeding program. Some of our kittens become show cats.  All of our kittens become beloved pets. 

Kittens are between 14 and 16 weeks when they leave home.  Vaccinations are complete and neutering/spaying has been performed.  All kittens are sold with a contract and  a health guarantee. 

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