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Pet Kittens


It is almost impossible to corral 4 eight week old kittens.  One got away


Shown are Victorian (lilac point girl) and Walker and Cappy (bluepoint boys)


Born March 25,2012 to Whisky (Ch Zanadu Gibson's Finest) and Morgan  (Grand Champion Zanadu Favorite Son),  four new Whiskies.  Available as pets are one lilac girl and possibly 2 bluepoint boys. 







Shown at four and a half weeks they are blue-creampoint, lilac creampoint and lilacpoint.



Born on April 18,2012 to Houston (Ch Bumblebe Harlequin Silk of Zanadu) and Morgan  are these three little kittens.  I believe that they have not lost their mittens as everything seems to be where it should be.  I am not sure as yet which of these little ladies will be available for pets and which will be show prospects. 

5 days old

 Born May 14,2012 to Emma (Ch Chatange Had To Have Her of Zanadu) and Morgan (he was a busy boy this winter) are 4 tiny Birman babies.  It looks like 2 boys (perhaps both sealpoint) and 2 girls (possibly lilacpoint and/or chocolatepoint).



Show Prospects


Shown at 10 weeks



These 2 lovely lilac girls were born March 9th, are also Morgan daughters, from Paris (Ch Zanadu European Holiday)  I like both of them a lot and keep wondering which I should keep.  



I am keeping a close watch on a couple of Houston's kittens. It is a bit early to see markings on the lilac girls. I am however liking what I see.  The blue-creampoint may also be available for show.  She has low front gloving, but it is well matched. 



   Please email or phone(613-926-1655) for information on our waiting list.