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Zanadu Ebony & Ivory



 Ebony is now 5 years old, is the grandmother of Whisky's kittens.  She and Whisky, like many mothers and daughters don't really see eye to eye.  She is however a great buddy to Winter, my lilac girl.  Ebony generally gets along very well with all the cats--Whisky just doesn't like her.

Like most Birmans, Ebony is very playful and loves being with her people.  She can be a bit shy until she gets to know you though.  I find her to be very entertaining.  She is a bit of a talker, coming over while I am watching TV and chatting about her day.  She is always available to assist when I am on the computer and she will lead me to her favorite perch so that I can pet her.

I would like to see Ebony in a home with another easy going cat, or possibly with one of our kittens.  She is one of those cats who seems to need the company of another feline. 



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