Zanadu Show Cats

We believe that to validate a breeding program, one must show.  We do not believe that the difficult job of judging pedigree animals in infallible.  We do however believe that one must have educated outside opinions of how closely we are following the standard.  For this reason, you will see Zanadu cats at shows.  Besides, showing is fun and the comraderie of Birman breeders is wonderful.  Here then are some of our cats that we have been showing recently.



GC  Zanadu Dreaming in Chocolat, known as Snickers to her fans is our first home grown Grand Champion. Shown here with Susan and CFA judge Jeri Zotolli May 5, 2007 Snickers has granded in style in Jeri's ring.  Always a joy, Snickers loved to show and be shown.  She is now staying home to hopefully fulfill her other ambition--motherhood





Chatange Yearnings & Desires

Jewell is an outstanding seal-point.  She completed her championship and started collecting those grand points.  After a career as a mother and grandmother of lovely kittens Jewell is once again out showing her stuff.  Now spayed, she has completed her premiership title (same as champion but in altered classes) and will hopefully be picking up grand points toward her grand premiership.



Zanadu Dreaming in Chocolate (Snickers) with Zanadu Dreams Do Come True (Dream)


And as always we look to the future.  Shown here are 2 of our 2006 kittens who began their show careers in June 2006. They are now champions and have begun to earn points toward their grand championships. (note that Snickers has now acheived her CFA Grand Champion title)

Dream is shown here with CFA judge Karen Black (note Snickers in the judging cage to the right) as a kitten of 4 months